Sunday, 10 July 2016

- Ctrl+D                           Delete Line
- Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up/
  Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down      Duplicate current line i.e. Copy Paste

- Alt+Arrow Up/
  Alt+Arrow Down             Move current line

- Move lines left or right  Select the text then:
                                         Tab or Shift+Tab. 

- Alt+Shift+R                    Rename selected element and replace all references

- Ctrl+Shift+R   Search Java file in workspace by entering filename.

- Ctrl + Shift + T   For finding class even from jar

- Ctrl+Shift+O      Organize imports i.e. used to import packages and to remove any unused import 

- Ctrl+              Search for available methods in that class

- Ctrl+Shift+F      Autoformat all code in Editor using code formatter

- Shift+Ctrl+Y     Change selection to all lower case

- Shift+Ctrl+X     Change selection to all upper case

- Ctrl+L             Jump to Line Number.

- Ctrl+F10          select 'Show Line Numbers'

- Ctrl+Shift+L     To view listing for all Eclipse keyboard shortcuts

- Text Search in workspace
   Ctrl + H 

Click to Zoom

Click to Zoom

- Method search
  Ctrl + H  

Click to zoom

Ctrl + Shift + G
Double click method name and press Ctrl + Shift + G to find all occurrence of method in a project

Clean cache/temp files in Eclipse:
Goto --> Windows --> preference -->